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Make money online

It is said that success comes to those who hustle. But there are various underlying questions in this formulae to succeed. The majority of people hustle to make money while others hustle to find a way to make money. But as you see, the hidden idea behind the motives come down to the same level. To make money. Who doesn’t want to make money? I do, you do, the person next to you want to do as well. And we all find the most accessible and hustle-free way of doing so. In the midst of this, comes the idea to make money online. Making money online and within the comfort of one’s house is still an ideal way for many.

Jobs for online working from home come in various options when thinking to make money online. Maybe it is the ease of earning or the urge to find online jobs from home without investment and hustle, the reason is still secondary. The primary concern has always been to find the right online work. We understand your dilemma and doubts when it comes to searching for suitable and generously paying online work. And to put an end to the unawareness around it, we have come up with a guide which will tell you all about the best survey sites and how you can earn money through it.

For those who are still foreign to this term, Survey sites are free to use sites where an individual enrols and starts filling up the various surveys which are available.  All it takes is a fair opinion and a couple of minutes. You can earn money, awards or points as per the survey sites.  The awards provided include the free amazon gift card or promo cards of other online stores. Some even provide points of each survey which later culminate to form money and can be transferred thereon.  

It’s crazy how accessible and easy-to-use these sites are. All it takes are a couple of minutes and a fully functional mind. And well, if you have come along searching this, we can say you are fit enough for these survey sites. Remember to stay consistent and patient in the process, relish it but don’t rush it!

As we move forward, we have mentioned and elaborated in detail about the 7 best and free online survey sites. They pay well in return for meagre time. We have also provided handy manuals about each survey site to tell our readers about the necessary know-how and how-tos. Read on and select the survey site which is your turn-key solution of hustle. And hey, don’t forget to thank us later!

ClixSense (ysense).

Make money online in your free time using this amazing and handy site : Clixsense

Thriving and kicking since 2008, Clixsense(ysense) has won hearts and trust like it’s the easiest task which us humanly possible.  But we know better.  It takes time, efforts and most importantly, results to come up to the brim of a field.  Out of all survey sites, Clixsense has stood out due to the accessibility of a PTC platform.  It tends to the needs of its users and brands. The site is constantly looking for improvement to benefit both the parties. It is the best option to make money online.

Clixsense has over 5 million members who earn daily by sharing opinions and earning money and gift cards. Another perk of Clixsense is the low-fee upgrade level that it offers to the users.  It provides steady and interesting streams for beginners or new members.  

However, the only drawback of Clixsense is that the Surveys are accessible to limited countries. If you don’t belong to any of them, you might face numeral issues to fill up the surveys and then earn through them. Countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Germany etc have the accessibility to this survey site.

Next up, there is a lot that you can earn through these surveys.  Users have mentioned in the report to have earned $24 and more in a couple of days after signing up. You can earn gift cards and vouchers to get discounts on your next purchase from various stores and brands.

Thinking about Payment Methods?

You can redeem your cash through PayPal, PayToo and PAYZA or even check and bank transfer. There are endless options of both , to earn and withdraw.

If you are a premium member of Clixsense, you can withdraw your cash after you reach an amount of $6 whereas standard users can do so after $8.

This survey site allows electronic payments twice a week with negligible incidents of delayed or failed payments. The site is as legit and fruitful as we write it to be.

How to login to Clixsense and start earning?

  1. Enter your name, email and preferred password.
  2. It will also ask you for your profile set up and details like phone number, address, image and Payment method.
  3. Click on the survey option and fill up surveys daily to get a considerable amount by the end of the month.  

Keep checking your notifications for exciting offers which are available on surveys from certain advisors and keep a keen eye to complete them on time.


Like the name suggests, prizerebel is all about fun prices and rewards. It is a GPT ( Get-paid- to) website which provides heartwarming awards for simple tasks and activities. One of the most popular is the survey option which is available on the site.  It requires simple sign up, and the user will get ample number of options to fill in surveys and earn prices, cash and merchandise.  The gateway to money is always available in the form of a Survey.  Fill up one on the go and earn for killing some free time.

It came to use in 2007 and evolved drastically till date. Residents of countries like the UK, United States, Canada and Australia are top users of this survey site.  It is completely free to log in the site and start browsing through the multiple surveys, Till now, a total of $20 million has been earnt by the user base of Prizerebel.

There are many survey routers which are available on the site and the users can take daily surveys by choosing any one of them.  Pricerebel provides one of the highest paid surveys and we can owe the popularity of this site to this factor.  The various routers available are Your Surveys, Samplicious Surveys, Cint Daily Surveys, OxSample Router, Precision Sample Surveys, Tap Research Surveys and more. Before the start of each Survey, the site mentions a time duration and the points which will be awarded are also mentioned. Users can choose which Survey suits them the most and start collecting points in their account.

How to login to PriceRebel and take surveys ?

  1. Enter your name, email address or password Or login by your Facebook id.  The signing process is as easy as it can get.  
  • The user-friendly website will then take you to the main dashboard where the user can navigate through the various options available to earn money online.  Click on the survey option and browse through the options available.
  • The page will demonstrate the money earnt by the users through surveys and there is a score icon next to each survey. You can choose and exchange your valuable opinions for the greater good of yourself as well as the advertisers.

How to withdraw money from PriceRebel and what are the rewards?

There are over 500+ gift cards and vouchers available in this survey site for the users in exchange for filling surveys. PayPal is also an option to redeem cash or ACH bank transfer. As soon as you get $5 in your account, you can request a reward and cross your fingers to get the reward you wish to have.

There is another option of points on each survey. It can provide you free amazon gift cards or offline store discount coupons.  One should have a total of $200 to get a hefty gift card and bombard the store.  

Another perk Of PriceRebel over other survey sites is the withdrawal option which is available to the users earlier. While other sites require a minimum of $50 or so. You just need to earn $5 to transfer it to your account.  This proves the legitimacy of this Survey site much before.  


Make money online by Neobux’s easy surveys and payment.

when talking about survey sites, we certainly can’t miss Neobux on this list of options to make money online without investment. Neobux founded in 2008 is a PTC site. The site pays its register members when they click on the advertisements that are there on the Neobux website. Also, Neobux members can earn money by completing some small job offers that the site offers and even by playing some mini-game. Neobux basically keeps a 2-way relationship. The advertisers who want to expand their businesses can post their ads on the website and get famous when they click their adds, and the one who clicks these advertisements gets referral points for doing so, as he or she is investing the valuable time from the schedule.

Unlike other PTC sites, Neobux is stable and has fast payments. Also this site offers  low minimum withdrawal, one doesn’t have to wait for ages and get huge amount to do the first withdrawal. Whatever you earn is all yours!

The minimum withdrawal is $2.00 and the can directly get the money in their Paypal or Payza accounts.

Neobux has abundant supplies of advertisements and jobs as well. The registered users can start earning without any prior investments or capital.You can also earn money by referring the website to other people under you. Initially Neobux gives the users just 30 referrals, but once they upgrade and their referrals click on more ads the number increases.

You earn 50% commission on all direct clicks that your referrals do. There is also a concept of rented referrals on Neobux to earn money from, and if the user has a golden membership, the earning amount is observable.

After registering to the site, you can get all the rates of clicks and referrals, so there is no confusion or trouble that the users may face

But there are also some issues in Neobux which compel users to quit it. One of the reason is the upgradation fee that Neobux charges per year. The users feel that they are paying more and earning less. The site has put up some strict forum rules and if you do not abide by them you may lose all your earnings and Neobux may ban you.

The future is not very promising and onsistent with Neobux as the earning of referrals and clicks is not adequate. Neobux also bans the account after 30 days of inactivity.

But the site is legit and if someone wants to try their luck with online earning Neobux is highly recommendable as it is after all a trusted site with wide range of methods to earn money with a maintained forum under which no duplicate accounts can b handled by users.

How to login and earn money?

  • Enter the username you wish to have. Try on catchy and unique ones.  
  • Set a password and enter your email address.  
  • Confirm your email address by clicking on the verification link sent to your mailbox.
  • Re-enter your password to verify it. You will go to the homepage of the site where you can click on the survey option and browse through the surveys to start filling and to make money online.


Make money online by sharing opinions on InboxDollars.

InboxDollar is a worldwide survey site and is also the best survey site according to many users.  It has gained a user base of 20 million and the number is large enough to perplex the contemporary survey sites.  The reviews have been nothing less than 4-5 stars and users are in complete awe of its speedy response towards money collection and withdrawal.

It has many other options to offer through which users can rake in money. Activities like playing games, shopping through certain brands or reading emails.  It’s crazy how accessible and fun the activities are and it’s crazier to get money in exchange if it.  

What is more unbelievable is the sign-up reward that users get. As soon as the user logs in the portal of InboxDollars, user gets a reward of $5. Furthermore, various surveys are available and user must fill each of them within a certain time frame and people who complete in that duration can earn anything from 0.25 cents to $5. The only foolproof formula is for the users is – ‘ the more surveys you take, the more money you earn. ‘

Other than cash awards, gift cards and  prepaid virtual cards are also available for users to redeem. In terms of money, a minimum of $30 needs to be collected to be redeemed successfully.

How to login and start earning?

  • Sign up absolutely free by filling in your email and password.  You will be asked for certain preferences and hobbies to filter out the right Surveys for you. These surveys are not only worthy enough to pay you but will also churn the gear of your mind in the right direction.
  • After you verify your email address, you are all set to join surveys and earn exciting gifts and cash.


Make money online on the go only at swagbucks.

How often do you search for something on the internet, watch videos or play games? Probably very often. Now think how exhilarating it would be to earn out of our favourite activities. It’s almost like someone is paying us what we love to do and would do with or without the money. So why not get the money. Swagbucks offer a ton of options to earn money and the least time consuming and fruitful is the survey option.  Yes, it has also added many companies and brands into its portal. There are surveys which add value to their existing products and services. When users fill up their surveys, the brands and users are benefitted hand in hand.

Swagbucks is the best answer to make money online as claimed by many of its users. This site assigns you with really simple tasks and each time you do it, certain points add up in your score. And after your points from a specific number, you can withdraw it or get many benefits. The user can redeem the cash or rewards by using your PayPal account. Daily targets can be entitled to fill up surveys frequently and earn money.

How much money will I make by taking surveys?

If you get 100 points, you earn 1$ and if you get 500 points you can earn a gift card of your favourite brands and shops. This is a great platform to earn real money. 

There are various sites which offer similar benefits but do not abide by it. So it is always safe to check before you sign up into any of these websites. 

The user can also add many referrals to speed up the process of earning money and one can easily earn upto $50 or earn gift cards worth even more.

How to login and start earning?

  • Swagbucks have also come up with a user friendly and adept app. So now it’s not only a popular survey site but also a trending app. To sign-up with swagbucks, you are requested to verify your email address.
  • Secondly, complete your profile by filling in required fields and images. The new app provides the ease of filling in Surveys at a greater speed and in a better way.  Don’t rush into instant money and keep your eagerness at check because it might take time but when the results start showing up, it is worth the wait.

Survey Junkie.

Make money online by a few clicks and simple online works.

Survey junkie has gained worldwide appreciation by coming in the top survey sites from potential users. It has got various portals for people in different countries like survey Canada, Australia, India and many more.  It is one of the most prefered survey sites when people think of online works.  People relish the ease of access and the variety of options that the site has got to offer and on top of that, you get money for sharing your thoughts. How cool does that sound? 

All you need to do is tell what you think about something. You can start by setting up your profile which might ask for a lot of things like your hobbies, interests and other such miscellaneous stuff. This is basically for filtering the correct options for you and to give you the surveys matching your profile, it also helps companies find the right one for their surveys.

This site requires you to be at least 13 years old. Because usually a 13-year-old has incurred rational thinking and the ability to categorize things under right or wrong. 

The best thing about Survey Junkie is that it comes with a pleasing offer of earning anytime and anywhere. You can earn when you are standing in a queue to get fast food or when you are waiting for your cab to arrive, you can make out of it in every situation and also, the surveys are super easy and fun. 

Sometimes you are provided with cash while the other times you are given gift cards of popular brands like free amazon gift cards and other shops you would love shopping from. Survey junkie is surely a win-win game for all. 

It also provides points after each survey and it can range around 100-200 points. A whole of 1000 points is parallel to $10 and when you reach this brim, you can redeem your money via paypal. The points keep on adding automatically as you keep finishing the surveys.

Below we have highlighted the simple steps to follow which will  get you all settled to rake in some bills!

Here is how you can login and start earning money on survey junkie –

  • Creating an account on survey junkie is extremely easy and handy if you are 13 years or more in age and a resident of the United States, Canada or Australia.  
  • Fill in your names,email address and chosen password. Verify your email address which can be done by clicking on the link sent to your registered email address.
  • Complete your profile by answering simple questions about yourself and filling in some choices. This is done to stay updated about the latest surveys which match your preferences.
  • Survey junkie doesn’t have an app so don’t get fooled by a fake one. It can be accessed on any computer, tablet or smartphone.

Treasure Trooper.

Make money online like never before on this game themed survey site.

Treasure trooper is a gem of a site to earn money.  The themed Get-paid-to website is designed in a way which beholds the user into its trance and urges him to stay and give it a shot. The whole gaming and jones vibe has really worked like an icing on the cake for treasure trooper.

It has got tons of options to earn money like online offers. Like shopping( we can imagine girls going loco on this one!), Complete tasks, play mini-games, referring friends, and last but not the least, surveys. We will now spill the tea about the survey option that the site offers.  

The users are provided with a limit of 8 surveys per day and each Survey ends with a cash prize of $1 which is crazy. You can earn upto $8 per day, $240 a month and well, you can calculate the rest.  There are many other paid survey options which are also available on the site and the users can browse through some good ones to earn more than the limited amount.  

The site provides instant payout by Paypal after your cash balance reaches $20. Users are also required to bear patience as the offers and surveys can take time to be approved and for the money to reach your account.  

For cheque withdrawal, the process is Available to be accessed from 15-20th of every month. Coins are also transferred into the user’s account after surveys are completed.  One can exchange these coins at the section of ‘ Mabutu’s trading hut’ and avail gift cards, electronics and shopping vouchers like free Amazon gift card or flipkart free card.

There are monthly Targets allotted for users to reach and if they are able to earn the target amount, a cash bonus is awarded to them.  Money is basically everywhere when you visit the treasure trooper site.  

How can I login to Treasure trooper and start earning?

  1. Sign in within a couple of minutes and earn a bonus amount as soon as it’s done. You get a taste of the legitimacy of the site as soon as you log in.  
  2. Enter email address and password and choose the survey option to be taken to the tons of survey options and start earning money daily.

We hope that you are no more wondering how you can earn money through google as we have tried to answer the question by platforms, know-hows and other essential details.  Survey sites are a great way to earn extra money and learn more about the internet.  Especially for young people, time killing is a hassle as responsibilities  don’t dance on their heads as they do on adults. And if they are provided with a chance to kill time and earn money hand in hand, it should not slip their hands.  

But remember to use legit survey sites and not faux sites which promise tons of money but end up snatching it.  The best way to judge a survey site and know how to make money online is to notice whether they are providing free sign up or not.  When looking for online jobs with investment, one must use survey sites which are free to access and earn on.  


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